The Police State is Already here!

Australia Mandates Covid19 Vaccine

Drones to enforce Covid19 restrictions

Facial Recognition is the End of privacy

China's Social Credit Score prevents 2.5 million "Discredited Entities" from Traveling

Swat team siezes 3 kids when mother did not take the Doctors orders

Amazon is building a private security network by sharing it with the Police

Amazon gives Police Depts. access to DoorBell Cameras

Farming is Illegal?

Farmer faces $2.8 million fine after plowing field

Blanket Cell Phone Warrants at crime scenes

Pocket Drones

Mysterious Towers in NYC

They have been listening for YEARS!

Spy hubs in Major US Cities

Even the Innocent should be worried

Why is the Govt. running people off their Desert Land.

Who runs America?

Where Local Police can Track your cell phone without a warrant

Minnesota Farm faces $500 a day fine for selling good food

Police State USA

Call it what it is

Judge tells the Jury they got the verdict WRONG

Vermont DMV using illegal face recognition software